A parent’s worst nightmare unfolds after flustered mum Rachel leaves young babysitter Megan in charge of sulking son Tommy.

"Enigmatic Productions The Sitter was a personal favourite of mine, it was well shot and smoothly edited allowing the director to create a good pace and sense of normality to then rip the carpet out from under the audiences feet."

- Guy Russell, reviewing Derby Film Festival 2016 

Midlands Movies

This year we are entered the Five Lamps 24 Hour Film Challenge at Derby Film Festival once again. We won the competition previously in 2014 with our comedy short MACHO DAN. Horror and comedy genres have always been our thing, we've even been known for blending the two like with our other upcoming short SINISTER NICKY but this latest film THE SITTER is strictly a straight up, serious horror. So we were excited to be scaring the socks off people at the end of April 2016 with our entry.

The original story for the film came from new recurring producer Steve Hunt. Director, Edward loved it straight away and handed it to fellow Enigmatic member Johann Chipol to write the screenplay. In then had the usually detailed process of multiple drafts to get it the best it can be and was eventually ready for production.

The team did very well on the shoot day and we managed to create a good 3 minute competition version done within in the time limit. We didn't place this time round but we have the final cut in the works which will be over double the length of the competition cut and paced correctly to be in line with the script. This version is NOW COMPLETE and we're all really excited about it and potentially it could be very special. Stay tuned to the page or follow our progress via the social media links at the bottom of the screen. The final cut of The Sitter will have a festival run once it is completed. 

The Sitter (2016) horror short film, Enigmatic Productions
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