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IN DEBT (2014)

Director:  Johann Chipol

Screenwriter:  Johann Chipol

Genre:  Thriller


Jonathon is a simple man wanting to do the right thing. Naomi is a woman pushed to the brink with rage. When these two characters collide after a blood-splattered massacre, dark truths are revealed.


This dark thriller short was originally written around the time of the UK financial recession of the early 2000's and that's clear from the financial desperation of the characters. But this is a running theme that never really seems to go away so it always seems to be relevant. 


This film was also the first Enigmatic Productions entry from Johann as he joined the company while the film was in post-production. 



Director: Edward Harvey  

Screenwriters:  Edward Harvey & Johann Chipol

Genre:  Comedy


In this gritty short directed by Edward Harvey, the dangerously aggressive 'Vince' (Stefan Auton) has a seriously persuasive method of obtaining information from the bewildered 'Danny' (Johann Chipol).


The original 3 minute cut of this was shot and edited in 24 hours for the Fivelamps Films 24 Hour Competition 2013. Written by Edward Harvey and Johann Chipol. Steven Brown was assistant director and sound recordist Edward was also director of photography, editor and composer.




Directors:  Edward Harvey & Steven Brown

Screenwriter:  Edward Harvey

Genre:  Horror


This gritty, disturbing short about how one random terrifying encounter can change your life forever was long listed for the recent BBC THREE TV show 'The Fear'. Unfortunately did not make it onto the programme but it's understandable why it's why it came close. It's probably the scariest Enigmatic film as it's a horror that is far removed from the supernatural "boogie man" type of horrors we often favour and features a very real everyday one, simply "a hoodie". But a horrifically sadistic one.


Shot, produced and starring Edward Harvey and Steven Brown
Written and directed by Edward Harvey.


Director:  Edward Harvey

Screenwriter:  Edward Harvey

Genre:  Psychological Drama


Originally shot in 2009 this is one of the earliest Enigmatic short films. The film was re-cut in 2015 and presented as 'The Final Cut'. Which is the preferred version and the only one that's now viewable online. 


Struggling to come to terms with a broken heart and the end of a marriage. Mickey is haunted by his memories and his personal demons trapped in a nightmarish state of depression.

The film was written and directed by and also stars Edward Harvey as "Mickey". Steven Brown also acts in this film playing the antagonist "Vincent" and "Elizabeth" is played by the wonderful actor Katie Louise Mcmillan a recurring Enigmatic favourite.


"A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what's behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later."

- Stanley Kubrick

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