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Winner of Best Atmosphere at the Independent Horror Movie Awards 2017
Nominated for Best Music at the Independent Horror Movie Awards 2017
Bab Wire - Trash Tapes Poster with credi
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If you're looking for an artist influenced by the likes of John Carpenter and David Lynch, you've come to the right place. Edward Harvey is an award-winning filmmaker, musician and poster/cover artist inspired by dreamy surrealism and 80s VHS slasher classics.

"In the twenty-seven minute thriller of a soundtrack, Edward Harvey does a fantastic job of creating a compelling and memorable theme for the fictitious antagonist named Oliver Morgan."

- The Geekiest Cult

(Murder on White Willow Lane)

"The fear factor amps up with the help of Edward Harvey’s chilling score that effortlessly sends a shiver down your spine as it flows through the increasing terrors unfolding before your eyes."

- The Scream Review


"Rather than bludgeoning you over the head with the horror of the situation, this film calmly sets the table for you and dines at the other side of it, only to reveal after the meal has ended that your turkey was laced with poison."

- We Are Indie Horror

(The Sitter)